Heavy Motor, Transport

Heavy Motor, Transport Insurance covering your business on wheels.
We have a range of insurers who can provide great coverage and claims service for your units to get you back working.

Coverage available;

Comprehensive insurance
Comprehensive insurance
Third party only

Coverage can include depending on the coverage type;

Hire Vehicle
Liability Insurance Road Risk & General Liability
Finance Protection
Removal of Non hazardous debris
Extensions available for Dangerous goods cover
Hired in Plant Cover
Non owned trailer

Who needs this insurance?

All businesses who have the following;

Heavy Motor Businesses including Rigid Trucks, Tow Trucks, plant & equipment (i.e. Skid Steers, Trailers etc) owners
Transport & Logistics Operators
Earthmoving companies
Crane Hirers
Farm Motor & Equipment
Equipment Hire

Whether you have one unit or a few more we can help.

Heavy Motor, Transport Insurance

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